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Music at St Timothy's Episcopal Church

After over four years of work as the Director of Music at St. Timothy's Episcopal Church, the culture of worship has transformed into a ministry program which includes volunteer and professional musicians, and focuses on outreach into the community. While many programs take brief pauses in the middle of the year, church music never stops. It has encouraged me to take on the task of learning how to play organ as a part of worship, as well the pastoral art of working with the elderly and the voices that come with that particular age group.


Running the Music at St. Timothy's Concert Series, which includes the annual Christmas Festival of Chamber Choirs, has been an administrative accomplishment that has brought over 100 high school students onto the church campus every year to provide a gift to the community. In return, the proceeds from this event are given as a gift to the high school music programs. Learning to allocate funds has been an important role of the concert series. In 2017, the world-renowned London-based ensemble VOCES8, gave a performance at St. Timothy's and I had the distinct honor of coordinating their stay and their educational outreach program.

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